Top 3 Sungrown Flower Brands in North America

Top 3 Sungrown Flower Brands in North America | It's Primo
Top 3 Sungrown Flower Brands in North America


May 1, 2024


Today, we’re going to run you through some of our favourite sungrown cannabis brands in North America. We all know the benefits of sungrown—sustainable, full of natural flavours, and often a whole lot kinder on the wallet. Sungrown weed offers us different attributes to indoor flower. 

With any cultivation style it always comes to the fine details in the growing, processing and curing processes and techniques. With a wide range of options & quality make sure you pay attention to the details so that you find the best option for your needs and preferences.

The Unique Climates of British Columbia for Sungrown Cannabis

The interior of British Columbia (BC), often hailed as the Napa Valley of cannabis due to its ideal agricultural conditions, offers a unique climate that is particularly conducive to sungrown cannabis. Similar to Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity counties regions of California. The interior of BC region benefits from a temperate weather pattern marked by a long, mild growing season, abundant natural SUN light, and rich, fertile soil. These conditions allow for a slow and complete maturation of cannabis plants, which is crucial for developing complex cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

In BC, the natural microclimates vary from coastal areas to the interior, each providing its distinct advantages. Coastal regions benefit from the humid and stable weather, reducing the need for irrigation and minimizing water usage, which is a boon for sustainable cultivation practices. Meanwhile, the interior regions of BC receive more intense sunlight and have greater day-night temperature variations, which can enhance the aromatic and flavor profiles of the cannabis.

This diverse climatic advantage is a key reason why BC is home to some of the most renowned sungrown cannabis farms, like Tantalus Labs, which leverage these natural conditions to grow cannabis that is not only potent but also environmentally sustainable.

Field of cannabis in BC

Why Sungrown Cannabis Is the Better, More Socially Responsible Choice


Opting for sungrown cannabis, which is biodynamic, is about much more than just enjoying a premium product; it’s about making a responsible choice that benefits both the planet and society. Sungrown cannabis, by its very nature, utilizes the sun’s natural energy, which significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with artificial lighting in indoor grows. This method of cultivation also promotes the conservation of electricity and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, making it a more sustainable choice.

Moreover, sungrown cultivation typically requires less chemical intervention. Farms like Sol Spirit Farms and Sunboldt Grown use organic and biodynamic farming methods that avoid synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, which are harmful to the environment. This approach not only ensures cleaner and safer cannabis but also supports the health of the local ecosystem.

Socially, choosing sungrown cannabis often supports small and medium-sized farms that are deeply integrated into their local communities. These farms contribute to the local economy and are usually at the forefront of advocating for sustainable agricultural practices within the community. By supporting these businesses, consumers help foster a market that values community engagement and responsible stewardship of the land.


Now, you might wonder, why opt for sungrown when there are so many high-tech indoor grows? Sungrown cannabis not only often has a lower carbon footprint, but it also presents a more natural flavour profile. The natural environment introduces a complex interplay of factors that indoor grows can't fully replicate—like natural sunlight and an open ecosystem. This means that the terp profile is true to strain!

Plus, sungrown cannabis is often more affordable. Without the overhead of massive indoor grow lights and climate control systems, sungrown farms can pass those savings right onto you. And who doesn’t love great weed that’s also budget-friendly?

But with so many options popping up, which ones really stand out? Here are our top 3 picks in North America that not only promise quality but also walk the talk.

Sungrown cannabis fields in BC

1. Lifted Cannabis Co.

Starting out West, Lifted Cannabis Co., based in Washington State, really sets a high bar. What’s cool about Lifted is their commitment to organic farming practices. They’re all about letting their plants soak up as much natural sunlight as possible, which not only boosts cannabinoid profiles but also enhances those subtle terpene flavours we love. Their bud is not just a product; it’s a craft.

Their sungrown pre rolls strains like the award-winning "Super Lemon Haze" are a testament to their quality. It’s not just the zesty, citrus flavour that’ll get you hooked, it’s also their potent effects that embody the perfect balance of uplifting and relaxing—great for those late-afternoon chills.

2. Emerald Family Farms

Heading down to California, Emerald Family Farms stands out not just for their products but for their ethos. This farmer-owned cooperative is making strides in the cannabis community by focusing heavily on sustainability and local empowerment. They work with small farms across Northern California, ensuring that small growers get their rightful spot in the spotlight.

Their product line is as diverse as their values, with everything from full-flavored pre-rolls to rich, aromatic buds. If you're a fan of earthy notes, their "Chocolate Hashberry" is something to write home about. Plus, you feel good supporting a brand that cares deeply about its community and environment.

3. Sunboldt

Nestled in the verdant landscape of Humboldt County, Sunboldt Grown is a standout in the world of sungrown cannabis. This small-scale farm thrives on the philosophy of cultivating cannabis in harmony with nature, using biodynamic farming methods that enhance the health of their soil and plants. They focus on permaculture principles, ensuring that their farming techniques not only produce high-quality cannabis but also contribute to the ecological balance of their environment. 

Sunboldt Grown offers a selection of artisanal strains that are as rich in history as they are in flavor. A favourite among connoisseurs is their “Humboldt Heritage,” a strain that delivers a nostalgic blend of earthy and floral notes, reminiscent of the region’s early cannabis cultivation days. Their commitment to natural processes results in a product that is not only potent but also exceptionally pure. Their dedication extends beyond the farm, as Sunboldt Grown actively participates in community education about sustainable agriculture and the benefits of sungrown cannabis. Choosing Sunboldt Grown means supporting a farm that prioritizes the well-being of the environment, educates its community, and delivers a product that truly represents the heart of Humboldt’s cannabis culture.

Final Thoughts

Choosing sungrown cannabis isn’t just about enjoying top-notch weed; it’s about supporting sustainable practices and smaller farms that prioritize the environment and community. Lifted Cannabis Co., Emerald Family Farms, and Humboldt are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to quality sungrown cannabis, but they’re definitely leading the pack.

Next time you’re at your local dispensary in California, ask about these brands. Try them out, taste the difference, and feel good knowing your high is helping the planet. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or a curious newbie, these brands are sure to impress with their dedication to quality and sustainability.

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