Why Cheap Weed Does NOT Mean Poor Quality at It's Primo!

Why Cheap Weed Does NOT Mean Poor Quality at It's Primo!
Why Cheap Weed Does NOT Mean Poor Quality at It's Primo!


Jan 8, 2024


At It's Primo, we've always believed that with legalization, sungrown cannabis had immense potential for quality enhancement under the open sky. As the world increasingly turns to cannabis as a safer alternative to alcohol and other narcotics, it’s clear that sungrown cultivation could become the norm. Sure, indoor small-batch craft cannabis can produce exceptional quality, but at what cost? Is it feasible for everyday consumption? We believe it's essential to appreciate both worlds.

The Rise and Fall of Greenhouse Weed in Canada

Greenhouse cannabis dominates Canadian shelves primarily because regulations initially did not allow outdoor operations. Furthermore, Canada has limited climates suitable for effective outdoor cultivation compared to regions like California, which boasts numerous greenhouses. With the late legalization of outdoor cultivation, many companies had already invested billions in costly greenhouses, which are expensive to operate. In the legacy era, indoor-grown cannabis commanded higher prices, but the difference between greenhouse and outdoor product quality was minimal. 

Since Canada's landmark legalization, the cannabis industry has seen a surprising trend: the fall of greenhouse facilities. Initially heralded as the future of cultivation, many large-scale greenhouses are now shutting down. Post-legalization data reveals a steep decline in their viability with more than 1/3rd already shutting down, with companies like CannTrust and Canopy Growth Corp ceasing operations or scaling back significantly. This shift reflects the challenges of high operational costs and market over saturation. The industry's pivot suggests a reevaluation of cultivation models, as the once-lauded greenhouse facilities struggle to compete in the evolving cannabis landscape.

Sungrown Cannabis: Affordable Quality in Canada

Why is sungrown cannabis more cost-effective in Canada? The compliance requirements for outdoor cultivation by Health Canada are significantly different and less stringent than those for greenhouses, which are still treated with excessive caution. The industry initially believed bigger was better, leading to the creation of massive, costly greenhouses, especially burdensome at lower production levels. Energy costs, particularly in colder regions, also play a significant role in retail pricing.

Sungrown cannabis

Dispelling the Stigma of Sun-Grown Cannabis

Historically, the stigma around sungrown weed was driven by its freshness, or lack thereof. Large-scale grows often lacked the infrastructure for proper curing, leading to a product with a hay smell, dryness, and poor trimming. Our approach at It’s Primo is revolutionizing this aspect.

Thanks to how long we’ve been working with cannabis we believe that sungrown offers us a finished product that can compete with greenhouse when done correctly. This cultivation style is more economical, while also offering different pro attributes to the end users. Our focus is that THC is not the only attribute we are trying to cultivate - we see huge value in producing flowers that are high in terps and that stay fresh for a long time so that the customer doesn’t have to experience dry-as-dust cannabis. An understanding of the weed terpenes chart helps determine how different terpenes affect the potency and benefits of any marijuana strain.

Through the years we’ve noticed the biggest problem with sungrown flowers is in the curing process and keeping the product fresh all year around. While the industry has been discussing the supposed importance of endless square feet, we’ve been working on solutions that are sustainable and novel. We’re not about the tech-bro style cannabis culture that’s hurt the culture since legalization was announced. 

The Ideal Region for High-Quality, Affordable Cannabis

The climate is crucial for quality sungrown cannabis. Long, dry summers with the right temperature and o are essential – conditions similar to those needed for growing wine grapes. South Okanagan is a proven area for such cultivation, demonstrating that quality and affordability can coexist in cannabis production,

Our team understands all of these very intricate and difficult variables that must be managed with hyper focus in order to accomplish the goal of top quality cheap bud. Climate is only one aspect of growing, then there’s production, cure, packaging and more.

Fields of cannabis

The Crucial Role of Curing and Shelf Life

Due to Health Canada regulations, all cannabis products must be shipped to provincial governments, meaning products often sit in packaging for extended periods. The commitment of these bodies to climate-controlled storage is questionable, underscoring the importance of proper cannabis curing to maintain quality.

This is why it’s essential that every step in the supply chain is treated with care and ensures exposure to air and heat is minimized. We believe this is needed for a proper experience. We even fill our flower bags with nitrogen so that you get spongy sticky weed. We know there is nothing more anti-climatic than opening a bag with no nose and a bunch of brittle tiny buds that are about to turn to dust. That is no fun!

Embracing Innovation and Standards at Primo

After years of honing our craft in the shadows, the dawn of open-air cultivation brings a thrilling opportunity for us. Decades spent mastering indoor craft production and fine-tuning genetics have set the stage for us to embrace the vast potential of outdoor cultivation

This transition isn't just a change of location; it's a renaissance of our passion and expertise under the open sky of beautiful BC. 

Central to our evolution is an unwavering focus on the curing process and our pioneering use of nitrogen tunnel packaging. Much like sealing a tuna can, we pack our cannabis with nitrogen to ensure it stays fresh all year round. This method meticulously limits oxygen exposure at every step, safeguarding the integrity and potency of our product from the farm to your hands. Efficiency in production is our mantra, but never at the expense of quality. 

We apply decades of accumulated knowledge to our craft, meticulously avoiding shortcuts that compromise excellence. Our pursuit is fueled by the conviction that sun-grown ‘quad’ – the epitome of cannabis perfection – is not just a dream, but an achievable reality. 

At Primo, our journey is one of relentless improvement, continuous learning, and unbridled ambition. We're dedicated to refining our techniques, innovating our processes, and embracing new challenges every day. By constantly elevating our standards, we aim to redefine what it means to produce top-tier cannabis, proving that the best is always yet to come. When you are in search of the best pre-rolled joints online or looking for high-quality flower, it is important to rely on a dispensary that offers superior quality.

Cannabis innovations


At Its Primo, cheap weed does not equate to poor quality. We’re harnessing the power of nature, combined with our deep-rooted knowledge of cannabis cultivation, to bring you pure, fresh cannabis strains with high terpenes at an affordable price. It's about striking the perfect balance between cost and quality, ensuring that everyone has access to top-tier cannabis. As the industry evolves, so do we, always keeping our core values of quality and affordability at the forefront. Embrace the change with us and experience the best of both worlds in cannabis consumption.

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