Nubuck Bum Bag

The Primo "Nubuck Bum Bag" is a stylish accessory that combines fashion and functionality. Crafted from luxurious nubuck leather, it offers hands-free convenience, ample storage, and a touch of elegance, perfect for keeping your essentials close and elevating your everyday style.

Primo's Lighter Sleeve

Our first custom project is a necessity for every smoker. This is a statement piece for every time you pull it out of your pocket and light up. Introducing the Primo lighter sleeve. Enhance your smoking rituals and showcase your sophisticated taste with this must-have addition to your collection.

Primo's Leather Weed Rolling Tray

Handcrafted from premium leather, this elegant accessory offers a spacious and organized surface for effortless rolling. Elevate your smoking sessions with this stylish and functional masterpiece, perfect for showcasing your impeccable taste in accessories, experience and cannabis.