How Long Do Pre-Rolled Joints Last? Everything You Need to Know About Storing Pre-Rolls

How Long Do Pre-Rolled Joints Last? Everything You Need to Know About Storing Pre-Rolls
How Long Do Pre-Rolled Joints Last? Everything You Need to Know About Storing Pre-Rolls


Feb 5, 2024


Pre rolled joints let you enjoy cannabis dose at your own convenience at any time without have to prepare anything.

This means these products can get you your favourite strain ready for smoking whenever you want. They have recently emerged as one of the most popular weed consumption methods.

As a seasoned stoner, you might believe in keeping a good stock of weed. If pre-rolled joints are your way to go, you may wonder how long these products can last before going stale. Read on to find out what is the average life of pre-rolls and how you can keep them fresh for longer.

How Long Do Pre-Rolled Joints Last?

Pre-rolls can last as long as any home-rolled joint if they are stored properly. They should be able to maintain their qualities for about a year in optimal conditions. While the average life span of joints is about 3-4 months, some users smoke joints older than a year if proper curing method has been used to prepare the cannabis in them.

If the pre-rolls are stored in a moist environment, they are likely to start developing mold in no time. When stored in the open air, the joints will last for a while before starting to degrade and losing their flavour and aroma. Storing your joints in specialized equipment or tight containers helps extend their shelf life and keeps them tasty and fresh when you want to light up.

You can smoke your joints if they smell weedy and pleasant, meaning they still have terpenes in them. As THC takes longer than other compounds to break down, pre rolls would even work after a year but are not as enjoyable as fresh ones. When they get older, you see that they burn faster and produce a harsher smoke as most of the potency is lost. You can always smoke old joints, but the experience won’t be as pleasant as with something fresh.

A key takeaway is that your pre-rolled joints are best used closer to their making date. In other words, it is advisable to avoid buying them in bulk if you are not planning to smoke them soon or cannot manage to store them in a dry place without any moisture or heat. Read our detailed guide to understand everything you need to know about buying pre-rolled joints. Some infused pre-rolls last longer as they have extracts added to them that improve flavour and potency.

What Happens When a Pre-Roll Goes Bad?

To find out whether your pre-rolled marijuana is still fresh, you can use a few simple tests. Firstly, you can smell the joint to see if it gives a pleasant aroma. Pre-rolls crafted out of high-quality weed have a strong terpene profile and an earthy smell. However, if it smells stale, it means your roll has gone bad.

Another way to identify a stale roll is to check the appearance for any sign of mold. Joints that have developed mold are clearly bad and no longer safe for consumption. They should be instantly disposed of. If you cannot figure out the joint’s freshness from its smell or appearance, you can light it up and check the taste. If the taste is off or stale, it is an indication that the pre-roll has turned bad.

Fortunately, you can always smoke an old joint and need not throw it away. As long as your pre-roll is not moldy or broken, it is still suitable for a quick smoking session. Though stale weed doesn’t deliver the same potency and flavour as fresh one, you can still expect a decent experience based on how old your bud is. You simply need to keep in mind that an old roll will burn faster, might not hit so strong, and have lesser flavour or aroma. It is advisable to keep inspecting your weed at regular intervals and look for unusual appearance or mold before using it.

Tips on Keeping Pre-Rolled Joints Fresh for Longer

Even though you can smoke a stale pre-roll, a better strategy is to try and keep your joints fresh. The key to maintaining their freshness is storage.

Let us discuss a few tips you can follow to keep your joints fresher for longer.

Store in an Airtight Container

If you like having a stash of weed, you need airtight containers for storage. However, airtight plastic bags are not great options for pre-rolls as they can easily break. You should instead get big glass jars with lids to keep your joints fresh and protected. Choose a container that fits your pre-rolls without having a lot of empty space around.

Airtight Container for pre roll

Keep Away from Light and Moisture

Pre-rolled cannabis, if exposed to a lot of light, can start deteriorating. If kept in a place that is either too humid or too warm, they could have mold growth which changes the taste and aroma. You should keep your joints in an environment with 60-65 percent humidity. Humidity packs are a great way to ensure this. Depending on the size of your joints, you can get packs in different sizes and store your weed for up to a year without losing freshness.

Use a Cigar Tube

You can consider using cigar tubes to preserve pre-rolled joints as they can shield them against physical damage or moisture. If you don’t mind the scent of the cigarette, a cigar tube is certainly a great storage option. Then, there are portable humidors designed to keep your pre-rolls humidified during travel.

Cigar Tube for keeping pre rolls fresh

Avoid Physical Damage

To keep your pre-rolls fresh for as long as possible, it is important to protect them from getting damaged. When you travel, make sure you carry them in an airtight container and pack them in a way that keeps them from breaking. You can always use an empty tin or cigarette pack but using a glass jar with sufficient space is an ideal option.

Use a Saverette

If you largely prefer consuming your weed with the best pre-rolled joints in Canada, it is worth investing in a saverette. This tiny yet useful device serves many purposes. You can not only use it to store your pre-rolled joints but also keep your partly smoked joints in it. This device can also be used to put off your joint. When you put a burning joint in a saverette, it gets extinguished in a while. The device is made out of heat-proof, hard plastic that doesn’t release any toxic fumes or melt.

Saverette for keeping pre rolls fresh

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the more effort you put into safeguarding your pre-rolls, the longer they last and deliver the desired taste and potency. We hope this guide helps you keep your pre-rolled joints fresh and potent for longer to get the desired benefits out of your favourite weed strain. Following a few simple tips can help you keep a stash of cannabis always ready for smoking.

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