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About It's Primo Cannabis

Our goal is to bring you only the best through time-tested techniques. Whether we’re talking indoor B.C. bud or sungrown flower, we have a deep appreciation for the traditions of process and care.

Our ethos was established underground over countless years of grinding, bringing together those who share deep values and old world knowledge.

Primo is a a new era for a proven community.

Refined through years of dedicated cannabis work, our belief is firm: well-executed sungrown cultivation competes with greenhouse. Economical and distinct in attributes, we prioritize not just THC, but robust terpene profiles. Overcoming the hurdle of sungrown flower preservation, we shift the narrative from growth space to cure importance (quality of whole bud). A game-changing approach emerges through our exclusive low-temperature vacuum nitrogen drying technique, amplifying natural flavours and effects like never before.

Our cannabis cultivation rests on three pillars:

1. CLIMATE: Canada's only desert in Southern BC offers extended growth seasons and arid summers for unparalleled cannabis cultivation.

2. EXPERIENCE: Precision is our cornerstone. Genetic mastery, climate comprehension, and years of expertise define our premium cannabis.

3. INNOVATION: Acknowledging proper curing's significance, our inventive drying method ensures year-round fresh, perfectly moist cannabis.

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