Sun Grown vs. Craft Indoor Weed

Sungrown vs. Craft Weed: Unveiling the Differences
Sungrown vs Craft Indoor

Snoop Dawg

Nov 8, 2022


The debate between sun grown and indoor-grown cannabis has been ongoing in the cannabis community for years. Each cultivation method offers its unique advantages and disadvantages, with sun grown cannabis emphasizing sustainability and natural processes, while indoor craft cannabis focuses on controlled environments and meticulous cultivation techniques. In this blog post, we will compare sun-grown and indoor-grown cannabis, exploring the differences in environment, food, growing techniques, and the history of both cultivation methods.

Sun Grown Cannabis

Sungrown cannabis, as the name suggests, relies on natural sunlight for its growth and development. This cultivation method is practiced outdoors, taking advantage of the natural environment and resources to produce cannabis. A recent study published in the journal Molecules reveals how the growing process can impact the cannabis plant, in a very positive way. There are many benefits to growing outdoor in pure nature.


The environment for sun grown cannabis is subject to the whims of Mother Nature, with factors such as sunlight, temperature, and humidity varying depending on the location and season. This variability can lead to unique expressions of the cannabis plant, with BC weed strains adapting to their specific environment and developing distinct characteristics.


Sun grown cannabis is typically nourished by natural soil, which contains essential nutrients and minerals required for plant growth. Some growers may choose to supplement the soil with organic nutrients and amendments to enhance the health and yield of their plants.

Growing Techniques

Sun grown cannabis cultivation techniques can range from traditional farming practices, such as planting in the ground or raised beds, to more advanced methods like trellising and light deprivation techniques to control the plants' exposure to sunlight. Many sun grown cannabis growers prioritize organic and sustainable practices, striving to minimize their environmental impact. Based on the advancement in growing technique, you can find an evolution of pre-rolls or any other product in the industry.


Sun grown cannabis has been cultivated for thousands of years across various cultures and geographic regions. From ancient China to the Americas, sun grown cannabis has a long and storied history, providing medicine, textiles, and spiritual enlightenment to countless generations.

Sungrown cannabis in BC
Sungrown cannabis

Indoor Craft Cannabis

Indoor craft cannabis is grown in carefully controlled environments, where growers meticulously manage every aspect of the cultivation process to produce high-quality, potent, and flavourful cannabis.


The environment for indoor-grown cannabis is highly controlled, with factors such as light, temperature, and humidity carefully managed to create optimal growing conditions. This level of control allows growers to cultivate cannabis year-round, regardless of the external climate or weather conditions.


Indoor craft cannabis is often grown using hydroponic systems or soilless media, such as coco coir, which require the addition of nutrient solutions to provide the plants with the essential elements needed for growth. This precise control over nutrient delivery allows growers to fine-tune the plants' development and maximize cannabinoid and terpene production.

Growing Techniques

Indoor cannabis cultivation techniques often incorporate advanced technologies and methods, such as high-intensity lighting, automated climate control systems, and carefully designed plant training techniques to optimize plant growth and yield. This attention to detail and commitment to quality sets indoor craft cannabis apart from mass-produced indoor grows.


While cannabis has been cultivated indoors for centuries, the modern era of indoor craft cannabis began in the 1970s and 1980s, as the war on drugs and prohibition drove cannabis cultivation underground. This period saw the development of advanced growing techniques and the emergence of legendary cannabis strains, many of which continue to be revered by connoisseurs today. Like the infamous Purple Kush strain.

Indoor cannabis grow
Indoor cannabis grow

Comparing Sun Grown and Indoor-Grown Cannabis

Environmental Impact: Sun grown cannabis has a lower environmental impact than indoor-grown cannabis, as it relies on natural sunlight and resources, rather than energy-intensive artificial lighting and climate control systems. Indoor cultivation also requires more water and generates more waste, further contributing to its environmental footprint.

Flavour and Terpene Profile

The flavour and terpene profile of cannabis can vary significantly between sun grown and indoor-grown varieties. Sun grown cannabis, with its exposure to natural elements, can develop unique and complex flavours influenced by the terroir, similar to how grapes take on distinct characteristics in wine production. Indoor-grown cannabis, with its controlled environment and precise nutrient delivery, can also produce vibrant and diverse terpene profiles, often resulting in more pronounced and consistent flavours one would desire in products like best pre rolled joints and edibles. You can check out our guide to cannabis terpenes charts to learn about the effects of different terpenes on the weed.

Cannabinoid Potency

Indoor-grown cannabis tends to have higher cannabinoid potency, particularly THC, due to the controlled environment and optimized growing conditions. However, sun grown cannabis can still produce potent and effective medicine, with some cultivars and growing techniques yielding high cannabinoid concentrations.

Price and Availability

Sun grown cannabis is generally more affordable and widely available than indoor-grown craft cannabis, as outdoor cultivation is more cost-effective and less resource-intensive. Indoor craft cannabis, with its focus on quality and precision, often comes at a premium price, reflecting the time and resources invested in the cultivation process. The battle of the best pre-rolled joints truly depends on your personal preference.


As the cannabis industry continues to expand, sustainability is becoming an increasingly important consideration for both consumers and producers. Sun grown cannabis offers a more environmentally friendly and sustainable option compared to indoor cultivation, as it relies on natural resources and often incorporates organic and regenerative farming practices.

Final Thoughts

Sun grown and indoor-grown cannabis each have their unique advantages, with sun grown cannabis focusing on sustainability, natural processes, and terroir-driven flavours, while indoor craft cannabis emphasizes precision, control, and quality. The choice between sun grown and indoor-grown cannabis will ultimately come down to individual preferences and priorities, with some consumers valuing the environmentally friendly and cost-effective nature of sun grown cannabis, while others are willing to pay a premium for the meticulously cultivated and consistent experience offered by indoor craft cannabis.

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve and innovate, there will undoubtedly be further advancements and improvements in both sun grown and indoor cannabis cultivation, offering an ever-expanding array of options for consumers to enjoy. Ultimately, the diversity and choice within the cannabis market are what make it such an exciting and dynamic industry, with sun grown and indoor-grown cannabis each contributing to the rich tapestry of cannabis culture.

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