Top 10 Pre Rolls Vancouver BC Summer 2024

Top 10 Pre Rolls Vancouver BC Summer 2024 | It's Primo
Top 10 Pre Rolls Vancouver BC


Jun 11, 2024


As the summer of 2024 kicks off, Vancouver BC is buzzing with excitement over the best pre rolls available. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or just looking to enjoy the finest pre rolls the city has to offer, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our roundup of the top 10 pre rolls in Vancouver BC for this summer.

Best Craft Pre Rolls in BC

Woody Nelson

Woody’s pre rolls are a staple for any craft cannabis lover. They are the best of the best in terms of actual pre roll quality. Everything from the packing of the flower into the cone to the fold at the top. Known for their meticulous attention to detail and top-quality strains, Woody delivers an unparalleled smoking experience. Each pre roll is packed with carefully selected, hand-trimmed buds that guarantee a smooth, flavourful smoke every time.

Checkout the Reddit review.

Woody Nelson pre rolls

VCC (Vancouver Cannabis Co.)

VCC is another name synonymous with quality in the Vancouver cannabis scene. Their pre rolls are crafted from premium, locally-grown cannabis, ensuring freshness and potency. Whether you prefer a relaxing Indica or an uplifting Sativa, VCC’s diverse selection has something for everyone.

Checkout the Reddit review.

Vancouver Cannabis Co. reddit review

BC Doobies

BC Doobies is all about celebrating the art of cannabis cultivation. They partner with some of the most skilled micro-cultivators in British Columbia, ensuring that every product bearing the BC Black name is of the highest quality. Their focus on small-batch, craft cannabis sets them apart in an industry that is often dominated by large-scale producers.

Checkout the Reddit review.

The user describes the experience with some magical words!

BC Doobies pre roll

Best Pre Rolls for Value in BC Cannabis Store

If you’re looking for quality without breaking the bank, the BC Cannabis Store has some excellent options. Their selection of pre rolls offers great value, combining affordability with quality. Some of the top picks this summer include:

> Primo: Offering a balanced blend of affordability and premium quality.

> Daily Special: Known for their budget-friendly prices and reliable quality.

Reviews on Sungrown Pre Rolls in Vancouver Metro Area

Sungrown cannabis is gaining popularity, and for good reason. These pre rolls are crafted from plants grown under natural sunlight, resulting in rich, robust flavors and potent effects. Here are some top-reviewed sungrown pre rolls in the Vancouver metro area:

> Primo: Offering a balanced blend of affordability and premium quality with flower grown in the most optimal region in all of Canada.

> Good Buds: Celebrated for their commitment to organic growing practices and exceptional flavor profiles.

Sungrown Pre Rolls and cannabis grown in BC

BC Top Pre Roll Reviews on Reddit /TheBCCS

Reddit is a goldmine for honest, firsthand reviews from the cannabis community. It has been a revelation seeing more and more Canadians focus on terpene profile instead of just “high THC”. Understanding how important the terpene profile is to the overall effects of the plant. This is a key value addition of a sungrown flower as it is proven that sungrown cultivation produces more terpenes.

Some of the most recommended pre rolls on the BC Cannabis Store subreddit include:

> Broken Coast: Praised for their high-quality strains and consistent performance.

> Simply Bare: Loved for their organic, pesticide-free cannabis and smooth smoking experience.

/TheBCCS reddit subreddit

Best Pre Rolls Available at BC Weed Store for Summer 2024

As summer heats up, the BC Weed Store is stocking some of the best pre rolls around. Here are a few that you definitely want to check out:

> 48North: Known for their commitment to sustainable practices and high-quality cannabis.

> Trailblazer: Offering a variety of strains that are perfect for any summer occasion.

Stay tuned, Primo fam—we’ll continue to update you with new drops and the latest in the Vancouver cannabis scene.

Enjoy the summer and happy smoking!

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