Nubuck Bum Bag


May 30, 2023


For our third project, we have put together something really unique. Leather stands the test of time and that’s why we decided to incorporate leather into every accessory that we create. 

Working closely with a leather craftsman, we were able to understand the material on a whole new level. This is one of the most versatile materials that you can find and there is no substitute. Sidenote, vegan leather is just canvas and a layer of plastic on top, don’t be fooled by the “vegan” genius marketing scheme. 

We were lucky to source our leather from an industry leader. They are not only the most innovative brand when it comes to leather experimentation, but they also supply names like Nike (the new Tiffany and Co collab), Stone Island, and the Shoe Surgeon. This brand is the perfect balance between leather re-imagined and age-old traditions.

With good weather around the corner we decided to build a comfortable bumbag using what is arguably the softest nubuck we’ve ever felt. The hides come as a drapey leather with a very soft touch. We didn’t want a flimsy bumbag, so we found a backing material used by the big luxury brands that stiffens the leather and allows it to keep its shape without adding any bulk. To keep the softness on brand, we also lined the inside with a black suede. 

This is the perfect summer jump-off. No need to stuff your pockets with lighters, keys, sunglasses, or ½ OZ bag as this can fit it all. This isn’t just another H&M off the rack piece, each bum bag has been hand crafted by a leather artisan with each piece taking two days to complete. 

This leather came in Primo Yellow and we’re aiming to create a few more projects that deliver fashion and function.