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It's Primo

Established Underground.
A new era of cannabis for a proven community.

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Purple Kush strain

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Our sungrown White Widow is all about the good stuff: perfectly ground sticky dense buds packed with resin and terps. Cranking out 4% terps and 23% THC. If you believe in high terps and high flavour, this is the one for you.

Purple kush pre rolls product
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White Ash vs. Black Ash
White Ash vs. Black Ash. Is Black Burning Ash Toxic?

White Ash vs. Black Ash

Users swear by the purity of white ash, claiming it's a sign of quality, while others question if black ash is a red flag. In this deep dive, let's burn through these cannabis myths and explore the truth.

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Supporting independent Canadian owned farms.
Committed to low environmental impact cultivation.

We have had a vision for years that the SunGrown flowers' low cost of production and low environmental impact deserves recognition on Canadian shelves.

At  Primo, our ethos revolves around unlocking the sun's potential, honouring the natural rhythms of plants, and embracing honoured traditions that have nurtured cannabis for centuries. Our cultivation approach isn't just about growing under the sun; it's a holistic philosophy that reveres nature's innate ability to heal.

Over the last 5 years we gathered insight into micro climates and genetics but always recognized that the main pain point was the cure. Last year we committed to solving this by investing in technology to create what we see as game changing.

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Our goal is to bring you only the best through time-tested techniques. Whether we’re talking indoor B.C. bud or sungrown flower, we have a deep appreciation for the
traditions of process and care.

Our ethos was established underground through over countless years, bringing together those who share deep values and old world knowledge. A new era for a proven community.

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Top 10 Pre Rolls Vancouver BC Summer 2024

All things cannabis related. Your one stop shop for cannabis knowledge.

As the summer of 2024 kicks off, Vancouver BC is buzzing with excitement over the best pre rolls available. Here's our roundup of the best of the best.

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Choosing the Best Meat For Your Burgers

We ALL get them so please do indulge.

When you are thinking about making a delicious burger at home, you might get ground beef for your patty. Interestingly, there are so many options for meat you can choose from. Learn more.