Primo's Leather Weed Rolling Tray

Primo's Leather Weed Rolling Tray: A Blend of Luxury & Functionality
Primo's Leather Weed Rolling Tray


May 17, 2023


This is a necessary addition to any stoners rolling arsenal. The leather rolling tray. 

We’re staying on brand with another white soft white leather accessory test. This top grain leather rolling tray has been the perfect rolling companion for us. It's firm but flexible when you need it to be, and won't chip, or break if dropped. This leather tray is built to last. The natural resilience of leather ensures that it can withstand wear and tear over time, ensuring that your tray will last for years to come. And once the wear starts showing with use… the patina is the best part. It shows life and has a story to tell. 

We choose leather over any other material for our accessories as they’re built to last. Leather is a conscious choice, and the versatility is unmatched. We’re 

Furthermore, leather rolling trays offer a unique aesthetic appeal that plastic trays simply cannot replicate. Leather has a natural warmth and richness that plastic cannot match, and each tray is uniquely handcrafted, adding to its charm and character. These qualities make leather rolling trays not only functional but also a decorative and visually appealing addition to any smoking setup.

The leather rolling tray is stamped with our logo, has pristine stitching and finished edges. 

If you're happy with your current rolling tray, use this as a valet tray for your keys/wallet. Give your space a little pop.

Textures in this collection range from lightly to heavily pebbled grain depending on which part of the hide it's from. This variation in grain is a highlight of full grain leather, as it shows the top leather texture in its purest form.

No matter what cannabis strains you choose for rolling, this tray will certainly take your experience to another level!

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